“if you want to write something perfect, write a haiku.”

hard times behind me
maybe there are some ahead
but peace is here now

28 aug 2019
the ac is switched off
empty and stained coffee mug
here's to credit cards

26 june 2019

dived into concrete
got hosed down on adelaide street
said goodbye to socks

22 may 2019
sitting in the sun
thinking up some jingles
and waiting to take flight

5 may 2019
rolling blue mountains
from one shore to another
soft couches and pink vegetation

27 mar 2019

sad hard sad hard sad
hard sad hard sad hard sad hard
sad hard sad hard sad

2 feb 2019
apt without water
beyond burger with my love
cineplex blues that don't end

1 feb 2019
singapore decks all day
managed to get two in tired
pizza and popsicles then the sunset

31 jan 2019
more gardening lines
complex singapore chats with tara
then burgers and rubbers in the eve

24 jan 2019
gardening and plants
from work to class to good news
to a&w and cookies

23 jan 2019
writing lines that rhyme
with "go" but it's about plants
that still need god's help

22 jan 2019

frozen food aisles in the morn
-33 walks to and from home

21 jan 2019
another sunday
lazy love letters in bed
the quinoa was chubby

20 jan 2019
freezing toronto
warmer with danish pastries
and invaluable souls

19 jan 2019

to write is to caffeinate
to love is to share a meal

to live is to nap

18 jan 2019
met lil peanut today
i am not good at writing invites
might get sweet chili

17 jan 2019
day started with heinz
zucchini chocolate muffins
approval makes me happy

16 jan 2019

rethinking with tara
it’s snowing slowly outside
it’s time to get soup

15  jan 2019
january’s here
i want to buy a new scent
rollerballs are glidy and good

14 jan 2019
all i wanna do
is create stuff that makes you
feel something inside

13 jan 2019